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Windsor Corporate Challenge 2014

DMG participated in the 3rd annual Windsor Corporate Challenge at the Vollmer Complex. Over 500 participants from over 30 teams competed in fun-filled, silly events to raise money to help children with severe physical disabilities. The beautiful clear day was composed of 10 events that were designed to promote the importance of wellness, balance and team building among groups of people.

As the newest member of the company, this was my first time at the Windsor Corporate Challenge. It was nice to see the creativity from each company that participated with their hilarious designs and outfits. Being behind a computer desk most of the day, this event gave me the perfect opportunity to get to know my colleagues out of the work atmosphere.

It was wonderful to see the how respectful and encouraging my team was. Everybody knew the success of the challenges depended heavily on the quality of our collective effort. For each event, we used our time wisely to study the challenges beforehand and planned out how to tackle each problem. We took advantage of each others strengths and abilities to make the most of each event.

With all the new members this year, we ended up being a great team laughing and joking the entire time. How could you not laugh seeing your co-workers ride an inflatable donkey or adults playing in bubbles, wearing capes and running down a huge slip and slide? Although this event takes us back to some great childhood memories, we remained focus on our goal. Our team work along with our competitive instinct brought us to a 4th place of 30+ teams this year.

After participating in all the fun events, the best part of the day was seeing the children from the Sunshine Foundation cheering and smiling. I would like to thank all of our sponsors who donated their money to our team and contributed to the astounding $115,000 raised by the event. Every dollar raised helps support this wonderful Canadian charity achieve their goals in making every individuals dream come true.

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