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Douglas Marketing Group recently updated its web design and development portfolio with a new site to help the unemployed in Windsor-Essex find jobs. Easy Job Board is one of Windsor-Essex’s only completely local job boards. The website features simple to use functionality for both employers and job seekers to search, sort and review posted jobs.

Features & Functionality

Job Seekers

One of the most important features of any job board website is allowing the users the freedom to sort, search and navigate to their liking. This is at the core of how we built the job board section. Not only can job seekers search for jobs using the keyword tool, they can also search by city (Windsor, Lakeshore, Belle River etc.) and by category (Professional, Sales, Retail etc.). Once the lightning fast search queries by the users selection, the listing of jobs available is sortable by 4 features: Posted Date, Job Title, Company and Location.


When scrolling through other pages of the site such as About Us or Contact, users have quick and easy access to a right-hand sidebar which displays Most Popular jobs (determined by jobs which are viewed the most) and Newest Jobs. Each section has a brief listing of the job title, location and hiring company.


Employers looking to hire on the Easy Job Board have it just as easy as the job seekers. Until November 2015, registering and posting jobs on the Easy Job Board is 100% free. Employers simply fill out the less than 3 minute registration form and once they’ve clicked “Register”, they can post to the open job board.

The Post a Job page includes 7 required input fields as well as a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) web editor which allows them to “free-form” the job description section. They can also add their company logo image as well as contact information for the specific human resources contact person.


The posted job automatically gets added to the open job board and stays “active” for 2 weeks. Once the 2 weeks has passed the posted job is automatically removed from the open job board however, it is still listed in the Employers “Manage” section and can be manually marked as “Active” for another 2 weeks.

Marketing & Growth

Word of mouth, billboards and on-site SEO have helped the Easy Job Board expand in 4 short weeks from 5 registered Employers to over 30! Traffic on the website has increased each week since the launch and job seekers have already viewed the job listing pages over 1000 times.

Whether you’re looking for a job, or looking to hire, be sure to check out the DMG designed & developed Easy Job Board.


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