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Thursday’s Toast to Marketers at Casey’s Bar & Grill

  • March 7th, 2013 at 3:27 pm
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  • Elizabeth Zouzal
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It isn’t often that the highly strategic and creative marketer is the one being targeted for sales. The marketing genius that happens inside advertising agencies is product of extensive research, strategy and creative execution. We are the makers of the clever pitches and special promotions, but those who give shall receive say’s Casey’s Grill.

As with many restaurants, promotions are assigned to weekdays and Thursday’s at Casey’s happens to toast marketing genius! For $4 you can sit back and enjoy a beer or cocktail and reward yourself for the clever copy, sleek design and intuitive programming that has been consuming your thoughts all week. The marketing industry is one where the job extends the 9-5 confines of the office and breakthrough moments of genius have been known to involve a good pour, or twist of lime –– the likes of which Don Draper would approve.

The true genius behind Casey’s table tent call to marketers is the idea of company culture it promotes. Within the marketing industry, creating inspiring office spaces, adopting a smooth flow to work delegation, and an overall creative environment become so unique to companies, that culture is a make or break aspect of an agency. This innovative environment that agencies continually try to foster is strengthened by after hours meetings, where work momentarily is put to the subconscious. The momentary pause, that a company culture after work allows, is how marketing genius does in fact come to fruition. So for more creative genius by your agency, foster the culture in and outside the office that allows marketing genius to thrive.

Casey’s has it right, and for the toast, we salute you.

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