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The Value of a Community Manager

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When it comes to the vast world of social media, it can be difficult to find a place to start. Having one person dedicated to creating your social media presence can help you reach your target audience in more places than one. Today on Community Manager Appreciation Day, we review how a community manager can lead to tangible results for your company. 

  1. The Vision 

If you are thinking of joining a social¬†platform¬†‚Ästwhether it is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat¬†etc.¬†‚Äď consider what it is you hope to get out of each.¬†¬†

For instance, if you want engaged followers, Facebook and Instagram are two great platforms for building loyal communities. If you want to make sure your company participates in trending conversations, has a digital presence during community events or to provide online customer service, having a Twitter account is a great way to engage directly with your target audience. LinkedIn is a great platform to communicate with other industry professionals and for B2B interactions. Snapchat is often overlooked by marketers, but it is a great platform to target the younger demographic under the age of 24.  

It is important to consider the strengths and weaknesses for each social platform and to create accounts that only identify with your company’s goals. 

  1. The Look 

Now that you are convinced to join a social media platform, it is important to make sure it consists of your key messaging, logo and colours. The profile photo should be your company logo and the cover photo should consist of your company statement (which should be no more than 10 words) with compelling branded imagery.  

The¬†about section ‚Äď whether it is long or short ‚Ästshould match the key messaging on your company website, clearly illustrating your company‚Äôs mission and services.¬†¬†

  1. The Feel¬†‚Ästaka¬†Brand Persona¬†

When creating social media posts and tweets, it is important to consider your company’s brand persona. Whether you are a corporation, independent company or a public figure, the way you speak to your audience will tell everything about your brand culture. This is important so that you can speak effectively and resonate with your target audience. Your followers will be more inclined to purchase your product or service when a call-to-action is in your posts and tweets in the future.  


By following these steps, you will develop impactful social media platforms designed to inspire action from your target audience. As a result, this will drive more traffic to your website and will increase consumer engagement with your brand. 


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