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Our President Extraordinaire

Connecting passionate people to get winning results.

Kay Douglas is driven by connections that stimulate communications. She has a vision and a firm commitment to deliver exceptional campaigns that get real results for her clients. A true collaborator, Kay identifies purpose, evaluates the resources and strengthens the position by engaging culture-building techniques that grow from the inside out.

“A brand is the nourishment that feeds the growth of a company. Creating a brand that is surrounded by a culture that supports and encourages success is the essential ingredient to any successful company, program or campaign. We brand from the inside out so that success is at the core of our work and the results.”

Kay Douglas, President


We wouldn’t have the same reputation for excellence without the combined effort of our staff and the gifts each one of us brings to the table.

Our Trusted Advisory Board

Brilliant minds bringing individual perspectives for a collective approach.

DMG’s advisory board is made up of brilliant and talented individuals that Kay has developed relationships with over the years. Seeking industry perspective, insight and feedback has kept us at the forefront in our strategic development and growth. The group meets quarterly to review where we were, where we are and where we are going as well as pending challenges and opportunities. We share our plans, development, team and client work. The group has brought invaluable insight from a variety of sectors on how DMG’s services are perceived and applied in their industries.

“I was told to look in any room for people who shine and keep close to them. They are not hard to spot. I am so grateful to this group and each member individually for being there to share their talent and time to assist in our growth and broaden our network for the work and clients we serve. Having outside perspective is so important to our positioning and sustainability. Plus, I just love being around this group of exceptional people. Their light is a pleasure to be in.” – Kay Douglas


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