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Meet the DMG Team – 8 Questions with Paul Schlosser

  • November 4th, 2013 at 8:21 pm
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It’s that time again! Everyone’s favorite type of DMG blog is back – it’s Meet the DMG Team! Those of you who follow our blog on a regular basis have gotten to know Liz & Sebastian a whole lot better and now it’s time to meet Paul!

Paul Schlosser is one of the Account Directors here at DMG. He recently completed his M.B.A. at the University of Windsor and Hong Kong Polytechnic University as well as his BComm., (Honours Co-op) from the University of Windsor minoring in Political Science. Let’s get to know him a little better shall we?

Q: How long have you been with Douglas Marketing Group?
A: 8 short months

Q: Do you have a favourite sports team? If so, who is it and why?
A: I played hockey when I was younger but I am finally getting into watching football. Go Lions!

Q: You’re known in the office as a connoisseur of delicious pizza. What’s your favorite Pizza joint in the city?
A: That is a tough question for Windsor. I would go with Johnny PieZ!

Q: You attended Hong Kong Polytechnic University for part of your M.B.A. What did you take away from that experience?
A: Learning the mindset of the Chinese consumer, what they value and most importantly how to do business with them. Plus my chopstick skills are now out of this world.

Q: What’s the one word you would use to describe your time at DMG so far?
A: Assiduous
*Editor’s Note: Had to look up the definition of this word so for those of you wondering here it is: Assiduous (adjective) – Showing great care and perseverance

Q: If you could travel to one place in the world absolutely free of charge, where would you go?
A: Brazil or Russia

Q: Of the accounts you’ve worked on so far, which would you say was the most fun and/or rewarding?
A: Meloche Windows and Doors – Great people who continuously try new things to extend their brand.

Q: You know how much we love to talk about social media marketing here at DMG, do you have any funny/informative links from YouTube, Vine, Instagram etc.?
A: I am a big fan of info graphics and useless facts. You can waste hours going through these!

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