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Leadership Breakfast Series – Leadership & Social Media

  • November 27th, 2013 at 7:04 pm
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The latest installment of the DMG Leadership Breakfast Series presentation titled “Relationship Building Through Leadership & Social Media” took place last Wednesday November 20th. The key focus of the series was how CEOs and Presidents can build relationships through an effective mix of traditional marketing and online marketing. The discussion featured several key points on how relationships have been built in the past, how they’re being built currently and how they will be built moving forward.

Below are 4 key points on how CEOs & Presidents can build relationships online and offline.

1. Be A Forward Thinker
Offline: Attend and present at seminars, trade shows and events where you can educate others on your skills and knowledge. Interact with people and offer your perspective on subjects related to your business.

Online: Write a blog! Communicate through your social media and offer tips and information to users who have connected with you or might be interested in connecting with you.

2. Stay In Touch
Offline: Although phone calls and written notes seem like a thing of the past, they are still very effective and appreciated.

Online: Interact with your clients, customers and fans through wherever they are online. If someone asks you a question on social media, answer it on social media. Be active on LinkedIn and other personal networks. Don’t let your inbox fill with unseen and unanswered requests.

3. Build Credibility & Trust
Offline: Don’t be afraid to link one business contact or client with another. Becoming a source of referrals is a great way to grow your network as well as the network of those around you. By creating lasting relationships between the people you do business with, you become a trusted source in many other aspects of business.

Online: The next generation has no interest doing business with someone they can’t find online. Whether your company is business-to-business or business-to-consumer, you have to have a presence online and you have to interact with the people who connect with you there. People do not want to think of CEOs & Presidents as silhouettes behind a desk. They want to put faces to names and know what those people are about. Most people will likely look for this information online.

4. Track Quality of Service
Offline: When someone calls into your business for a service or purchases an item in store, be sure to ask them how they found you and keep an on-going database of this information. You may even want to attach a link to your invoices or receipts encouraging clients and customers to fill out a survey on their experience with your company to receive special discounts. Let your clients know you care about how they feel and the level of service they were provided.

Online: Similar to an offline strategy, be sure to track how many clicks and the type of reach your posts and links get on social media and on your website. Use that information to continue posting links that your customer and client base care about. The more you know about the habits of your customers and clients, the more you can properly target what they may be interested in.

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