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Introducing The Webplex by Douglas Marketing Group

  • May 21st, 2014 at 2:00 pm
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The online team at DMG has had so much fun creating one page websites for our clients that we decided we should create one for ourselves!

Introducing The Webplex.

The Webplex is our online team’s own little corner of the web where we showcase the team’s many talents in the world of digital marketing. The site will work hand in hand with our agency website, Experience DMG, to help inform our past and current clients on DMG’s exciting new online features, digital marketing campaigns and web designs.

What is a one page website, you ask? A single page website consists of a single (but lengthy) scrolling page. Any navigational links clicked on the page will not load a new page, but simply scroll to another section of the site or open a new window of content.

There are several benefits to using a one page website to promote your business which can be found in this blog written by our Graphic Designer, Kaitlyn Meloche.

What’s The Webplex All About?

The Webplex itself features only 5 sections, each having its own unique design and programming to make it stand out.

The What

“The What” uses a simple but effective jQuery to describe the many services we offer in digital marketing; web design, search engine optimization, mobile web design, social media marketing and overall online marketing. When a user clicks one of the 5 colourful icons, the space below quickly fades into the appropriate content.

The Who

Anyone who didn’t get to The Webplex through a DMG medium can learn who’s behind it in “The Who” section. There are two unique features to this section. The first is the fun behind the scenes look at what it’s like to live, work and play at DMG. Rather than use a standard slider to scroll through images, we’ve implemented these cool, self-scrolling boxes with various images of the DMG crew.

The other cool feature of this section is the automatic pull of social media Followers to our customized boxes. The numbers you see in the Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn boxes update automatically anytime we gain (or lose – tear) a Follower.

The Work

This one is pretty self-explanatory. “The Work” section of The Webplex allows the team to, as the site says, “show off a little”. We’ve selected 12 of our most recent digital marketing clients and featured them in a beautifully designed portfolio section. Hover over each client for a name and brief description of work done. Click the client to see what we’ve done and to get a longer description of how we helped them achieve success through online marketing.

Just below “The Work” section, we’ve included 3 testimonials from clients we recently worked with. We started with testimonials from Maureen Lucas at Lucas Works, Michelina Saccucci at Olivia DiMaio and Todd Hohauser at Harvey Hohauser & Associates. These testimonials will change out on a month to month basis and the portfolio pieces themselves will be updated as our client list grows.

Let’s Talk

Of course no website is complete without some type of footer to bring the beautiful design to a close. Our simple footer offers what every footer should: simple mailing information, our phone number, social media links and a large, concise contact form.

While the idea for The Webplex was born through the online team’s love of one page websites, the strategy, design and programming behind it was put together by the entire DMG team.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts on the new design and hope that your experience navigating the site is equal to the fun we had putting it together!

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