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Ideal Shield Website Strikes Gold – Press Release

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The Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals have selected Ideal Shield as a Hermes Creative Award Gold Winner for its website. Overall, the competition receives more than 6000 entries from around the world.
A progressive manufacturer of various facility maintenance products, Ideal Shield is the model of a Motown success story. Their pride in the city is characterized by the phrase, “We live, we breathe and we work in Detroit.” Over 35 years ago, founder Frank Venegas started his first company with money from the sale of a Cadillac he’d won in a raffle. That company would grow in to the Ideal Group of companies, one of which is Ideal Shield.
Continuing to work closely with the Big Three automotive companies and suppliers, recent success has come in diversifying to other sectors. In addition to working in Detroit, Ideal Shield places a high priority on supporting local causes. Their community-based charitable work touches families in Southwest Detroit and neighborhoods throughout the city. Linzie Venegas, Ideal Group’s Vice President, is proud of the fact they can support so many deserving charities which she attributes to the company’s success.

Early on, she recognized the value that digital marketing could bring to the table and developed a plan that has been a large return on investment. Venegas also knew that the website is a critical part of the sales funnel. “It’s one thing to get people to visit the webpage, it’s another thing to generate leads and sales conversion. The website achieves this which helps us give better lives for our employees, helps us hire more employees and finally, let’s us give back,” she says.

In order to get the level of web design needed to drive sales, Venegas engaged Douglas Marketing Group (DMG) for a completely new approach to the company’s site. The Detroit-Windsor full-service marketing firm saw an opportunity to really step up Ideal Shield’s online presence. According to Sebastian Agosta, DMG’s Online Marketing Director, “It’s not every day you see a manufacturer that really understands the benefits of digital marketing. They’ve managed to increase sales significantly as a direct result of their web strategy. It’s a great model for other companies wanting to boost their bottom line.” With the success of Ideal Shield’s website and digital marketing efforts, the next step for Venegas and DMG is to apply the formula to Ideal Contracting. She was quick to point out however that, “like our product, strategies have to be unique. We’re in the early design phases, but I’m excited to see what we come up with for another one of our divisions.”


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