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Hiring: Production Artist/Graphic Designer, Windsor Office

Douglas Marketing Group is building their quality control team and is seeking a detail-driven, talented Production Artist/Graphic Designer with extensive print experience to join their creative team.

Production Artists are an essential part of a comprehensive program in ensuring that creative concepts are accurately translated across different media. They generate new sizes and formats while keeping things consistent and maintaining their quality.
You will be in charge of sourcing out print quotes and solutions with various print vendors/suppliers, ensuring the best quality and costs for our clients.

This career involves problem solving, logistics, understanding requirements, precise measurement, time management, and knowing all the little quirks and details of programs, fonts, and image formats.

What Does It Take to Be a Production Artist?

  • You have a very strong knowledge of Pre-Press and Printing Standards. You can build accurate Pre-Press ready artwork in an efficient and timely manner
  • You understand various file formats; which ones are most appropriate and under what conditions to use them
  • You have mastered Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrator and have strong skills in Adobe Photoshop and familiarity with Creative Cloud
  • You possess a firm understanding of Adobe Acrobat Pro and PDF file format, profiles and settings
  • You understand how to package and utilize preflight options and profiles
  • You have a firm knowledge of how to utilize Process (CMYK) and Pantone Colour Spaces/Libraries
  • You possess strong skills in typography, font substitution, and font conversion: Postscript, OpenType, TrueType
  • Building/maintaining strong relationships with suppliers and vendors
  • Quality control on all print-ready files and final deliverables from vendor/suppliers

Task Assigned to Production Artist:

  • Create final deliverable package of print and web-ready designs
  • Formatting, proofing and verifying advertisements before they go to a printer
  • Scaling artwork and laying it out appropriately for various sizes (eg; billboard, postcard, poster, etc.)
  • Converting live type to outlines prior to sending final mechanical to printer or client
  • Converting files to the appropriate format and/or colour profile
  • Provide strategies and solutions to print methods and materials for clients’ needs. Ability to find creative solutions for complex layouts while adhering to client style guides
  • Source out accurate estimates/quotes of possible print vendors for deliverables
  • Maintain timelines to ensure that printed material arrives before deadlines
  • Create and/or provide templates which include die lines and bleed for the design team
  • Ensure quality control on printed materials so that they meet brand standards
  • Maintain an organized central repository of art files
  • Strong oral and written communications skills

Interested in the Opportunity?
We’d like to hear from you! Please apply with your resume, cover letter and a link to your portfolio to In your cover letter, introduce yourself, and tell us why you’re right for the job.


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