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5 Examples of Local Businesses Killing It with LinkedIn Company Pages

  • October 18th, 2013 at 3:48 pm
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  • Sebastian Agosta
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Since its inception in May 2003, LinkedIn has always had the reputation as the “social media network for business professionals”, and rightly so. It’s used by people for everything from finding jobs and acquiring new business, to learning from the CEOs and Presidents of top companies in the Influencer section.

As with most social media platforms, wherever the individuals go, businesses will follow. Once it was established that LinkedIn would be one of the largest social media sites in the world, companies of all sizes decided that they wanted to be on there too. This sparked LinkedIn’s launch of company profile pages in the late 2000s.

When LinkedIn company pages first launched, there wasn’t much for businesses to do. Sure you could add a logo, a company description and a website URL, but overall they were pretty boring. This is what they used to look like:

Then in September of 2012, LinkedIn overhauled their entire web design including company pages and now they look like what you’re about to see below.

The 2012 redesign of LinkedIn company pages allowed businesses to update posts with images, add a cover photo, learn about the people who visited their LinkedIn page and much more.

That’s when a few Windsor & Detroit businesses decided to step up their game. While most company pages still sit with no cover photo, no updates and no followers, these 5 local companies are killing it with their LinkedIn profiles.

Green Shield Canada (Windsor)

One of the things Green Shield Canada does really well is consistent branding across all print & online platforms. That continues on their LinkedIn page. By adding a slew of products to the products tab, they also keep the page useful even when they aren’t updating the status.

Quicken Loans (Michigan)

With 14,000+ followers on their LinkedIn page, who could argue that they’re not killing it? Quicken Loans makes their page personal by adding a cover photo of everyday people. Their status updates keep their followers interested, with posts of useful information like customer service and awards they’ve won.

Next Dimension (Windsor)

After a beautiful cover photo of their new location draws you in, status updates on today’s latest computer tech keep you there.

Crain’s Detroit Business (Michigan)

What better place to setup your business magazine than on the #1 social network for business professionals? With 881 followers, Crain’s Detroit Business profile page is just a shade behind The Detroit Free Press (1,187) and way ahead of The Detroit News (480).

Douglas Marketing Group (Windsor & Michigan)

See what I did there? 😉 As Online Marketing Coordinator for DMG, you knew I couldn’t get through an entire social media post without tooting DMG’s horn jussst a little. We keep our profile page updated on a weekly basis, post job opportunities and we engage with our followers as much as possible. Our brand consistency is also evident in our cover photo and job post image.

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