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Doolin Haddad

How does a busy suburban Detroit dental office set itself apart in a competitive and fast-paced dental market? By identifying the key differentiators in its advanced dentistry practice. Doolin Haddad Advanced Dentistry, whose proficiency in innovative dental treatment options surpasses the majority of dentists in the United States, already had fabulous photography and an engaging website when it reached out to DMG to polish its brand identity and create distinctive messaging. Following an analysis by DMG of practice offerings, a refined message of life-changing dentistry was adopted by incorporating Doolin Haddad’s unique approach to dental health and its link to overall health and well-being. Discover Health. Discover Happiness. Discover How. Discover DH. This series of short phrases addressed multiple needs by setting the stage for a flexible marketing campaign using radio, TV, print and social media, in addition to communicating the benefits of a healthy, beautiful smile while tying its attainability to the highly skilled dentists and patient-focused staff at Doolin Haddad Advanced Dentistry.


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