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Digital Brochure – Enwin 2011 Annual Report

  • December 13th, 2012 at 4:31 pm
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Douglas Marketing Group is proud to announce the launch of the Enwin 2011 Annual Report. We have been creating Enwin annual reports for 3 years now and felt that this year we needed to step up our award winning design. We, along with Enwin, decided that this year we should create an interactive digital brochure for their annual report.

Click here to view the Enwin 2011 Annual Report

Customizing the same turn.js script we used in our digital brochure for Landau Gage, we created a beautiful and incredibly interactive annual report which helps visualize visualize how Enwin is transforming the way they light up Windsor.

A Unique Experience Unlike Any Other

Unlike most flipbooks you find online, this particular flipbook can be viewed across most web browsers and all tablets and smartphones. Flipping through the annual report is a breeze and makes reading what is normally a boring document of numbers and statistics interesting and fun. Each “pulsating plus” that you click offers a new page, a tidbit of information, or a statistic on what you’re reading. Not sure which page you’re on? No problem, click the “Contents” link in the bottom right corner to drop down a visual navigation menu. What about browsing from a smaller screen? No problem there either, just click the “Zoom” button located in the top right and zoom-in on any piece of information on the brochure.

Intriguing Packaging That Engages The Eye

The packaging for the annual report was also a bit different this year. The annual report was put on CDs which were put into a custom made CD pocket which folds out into a “plus” symbol which ties into the theme of the brochure. With each fold, a new statistic or piece of information appears, keeping the user engaged even before they insert the CD into their computer.

Click Here to see the packaging for the Enwin 2011 Annual Report

We couldn’t be happier with the outcome of the Enwin 2011 digital brochure. Working with everyone at Enwin again this year was a pleasure. We look forward to working with them again in the future!

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