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Creative & Engaging Marketing Campaigns for the Holiday Season

  • December 6th, 2012 at 4:53 pm
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  • Lyndsay McNeill
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It’s official. The Christmas season is in full swing and companies everywhere are vying for the attention of shoppers with holiday marketing campaigns. Although companies have the opportunity to reach their audience through more media than ever before, this also makes it increasingly difficult to stand out.

For me, two holiday marketing campaigns have boasted staying power by sparking conversation, spreading Christmas spirit, and remaining consistent.

Elf Yourself

Considered a holiday social media classic, Elf Yourself was launched in 2006 by OfficeMax, an office supply company. Since that season half a billion people have “elfed” themselves, their friends, their family, and their co-workers.

If you haven’t heard, Elf Yourself gives users the chance to deliver a personalized e-card featuring themselves and/or the e-card recipients dancing away to a Christmas tune. The success of Elf Yourself can be attributed to the high-level of user engagement. Users are directly involved in the creation of the greeting card and will not only share it with their network but encourage those in their network to create their own.

As office products are not your typical Christmas gift, OfficeMax created the campaign in an effort to drive holiday traffic into their store. With the creation of Elf Yourself, walk in and online sales have increased and the company has capitalized on the campaign by giving users the option to create Elf Yourself calendars, mugs, and other products.

And now, I’m proud to present the DMG Elf Yourself Greeting featuring Andy, Sebastian, and Jason. Enjoy!
Click here to see the greeting featuring Andy, Sebastian and Jason!

The “Red Cup” Effect

Starbucks offers a unique guest experience that retains customers and when it comes to holiday marketing, Starbucks reigns supreme. While the coffee giant offers a warm atmosphere throughout the year, once November rolls around, festive decorations are hung and the “red cups” come out, marking the unofficial start to the Christmas season. You can hear the excitement in the air!

“What are the new flavours this year?”
“Are there some cool gifts?”
“Have you tried this?”
“How much was that?”

Over recent years, Starbucks has utilized new technology and social media to expand their reach and interact with their loyal customers. When baristas started serving red cups this year, Starbucks Canada launched the #RedCupChallenge on Twitter, Pinterest and other social media encouraging coffee lovers to snap a photo of their beverage on their smartphone for a chance to win one of 25 $10 e-gift cards. A quick search on Instagram alone delivers over 5,000 tags of the challenge!

While Starbucks holiday marketing campaigns change every year, customers consistently experience the spirit of Christmas when they enter their Starbucks and the iconic Red Cups have become a legacy.

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There are hundreds of other holiday marketing campaigns out there, but these are the two I find the most engaging. What about you? Add a comment below and let me know which campaigns you like the most!

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