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7 Steps to Effective Tradeshow Follow Up

  • November 27th, 2014 at 2:04 pm
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  • Kay Douglas
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Editor’s Note: On October 30th, Kay Douglas, the President of Douglas Marketing Group was a special guest speaker for the WBE – Women’s Business Enterprises Canada webinar on Tips To Follow Up – Tradeshow. An online seminar for WBE Members on how their organizations can best follow-up with new connections and potential leads that they have made at 2014 tradeshows, business association conferences and other events.

  1. Dedicate Time and Organize
    • Perhaps one of the hardest things you can do on the 1st day back from a tradeshow is to set aside time to ensure effective follow-up, but the effective ROI (return on investment) for all of your expenses incurred at the tradeshow is dependent on setting aside a couple of hours to get “organized”.
    • Create a System that uses your resources to categorize and systemize your contacts and potential opportunities
    • Create a Task List and Timeline
    • Block out time on your calendar for Follow Up
    • Record and Classify Leads

    Note: 2014 National Sales Association Data Shows:

    • 2% of sales are made on the 1st contact
    • 3% of sales are made on the 2nd contact
    • 5% of sales are made on the 3rd contact
    • 10 % of sales are made on the 4th contact
    • 80% of sales are made on the 5th to 12th contact
    • Build your client relationships using a variety of contact touch points including: telephone calls, referrals from your network, email, brochures, letters, white papers, personal notes, etc.
  2. Research
    • Access All Information and Conversations with the contact
    • Note key links or points that would help establish a relationship
    • Determine what is of interest to the organization or company
    • Identify key issues or challenges that you could transform into a opportunity for your company
    • Link with other WBE Contacts to gain a better understanding of the challenges they have had and any information or insight they have with the particular company you are researching
    • Think beyond email. Pick Up the Phone. Use a trusted referral base to state your case or provide a valuable introduction to other insiders in your target client
    • Register as a Diversity Vendor on the company’s website if applicable or required to do prior to any other business discussions
  3. Collaborate – Investigate
    • Create a list of WBE Attendees and reach out and identify like minded in
    • dustries whereby you may have an opportunity to “PARTNER A PITCH” where it becomes a competitive advantage due to the scale of large projects

    • Build Relationships – Through commitment and determination to be an active member in WBE Canada by adding value to other members
    • Share Lessons Learned – with other members and foster a network that becomes a ongoing resource
  4. Know Your Niche
    • Present a value proposition that separates you from the crowd and opens the door a crack
    • In keeping with your plan use touch points from “pre-show”, “at-show” and “post-show” to craft a proposal that presents a BUSINESS CASE THAT WORKS for the potential client
    • Support your proposal with examples of your proven track record and successes from your previous work with other clients and or customers in similar industry sectors
  5. Convert Potentials Into Clients
    • Build Trust – One Project at a Time
    • Create Your Work Flow and Process to deliver on time, on budget and seamlessly
    • Use every opportunity to continue to present fresh ideas and bring value with each communication and new touch point
    • Build relationships that create raving fans
  6. Future Planning
    • Start Planning for your next WBE or other Tradeshow Event the very next day
    • Do Post Show Analysis of your process, materials, performance and resources
    • Ask the HARD questions
      • What did we do well?
      • What needs to be better?
    • Keep abreast of upcoming events and utilize your resources cost effectively to stay top of mind
    • Divide and Conquer
  7. Measure
    • Create a template or use a CRM tool that allows you to track your leads, your follow up activities, dates and ongoing customer conversations and updates to your contact records
    • How many Leads Ultimately Became Customers?
    • Measure your ROI – Return On Investment

Be the Company, that people: Know, Like and Trust as the preferred choice to do business with.

Kay Douglas

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